Almost 3000 m: Cime de la Condamine

The curse of Pelvoux (Parc national des Écrins) is that it is surrounded only by peaks of almost 3000 m altitude. So, even if it is just 50-60m below, one cannot pretend to climb above this magic number, which is the dream of every hiker worthy of the name.
Cime de la Condamine rises to 2940 m, but fortunately the difference in altitude to reach it is rather impressive. This helps to reduce the effects of this curse…

Route description

Time: 7 h round trip (lunch break not included), Distance 16 km round trip, Elevation gain 1521 m.

Where : from Vallouise Sarret take the road to Eychauda, then go up to the hamlet l’Adret (no tarmac) and park at the end of the road.

It is possible to start directly from our Escapadelia holiday flats – see page Activities around Escapadelia, The Balcony Trail.

Equipement : Poles very strongly advised, hiking boots and plenty of water.

For whom : Any hiker can do it. Three places where you have to use your hands and the path leading to the Vallouise pass require more attention.


The last climb before reaching the col de Vallouise requires attention because of the narrow and steep path.

3 places with some easy climbing steps between the col and the summit of the Condamine.



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The start at 7am, in the cold and shadow of the Montbrison massif.

La montée à l'AlaricThe reward for waking up early: the Ecrins illuminated by the rising sun.

The part of the climb that I didn’t really enjoy… The narrow, slippery path across the very steep slope made me sweat a bit (not because of physical effort).

Col de Vallouise, for some it’s already the end of the hike, but we don’t even stop. There is still a lot of climbing to do and we have to keep our motivation up…

This is the part of the walk where you have to put away the poles and climb over the rocky bars. The easy climb that spices up the trip.

And finally, after 4 hours of effort, the summit. And the 360° view of the Alpine peaks, even those 150 kilometres away.

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