Lunch at the Refuge des Bans

What is the meal worthy of Escapadelia? The athletic meal of course! Preceded by a climb to the Refuge des Bans to stimulate the appetite and followed by the digestive descent. Read more

The peak of Néouvielle by the classic route

I look for information on the ascent of the Néouvielle peak.

Result n° 1: “After 3 hours of effort, I arrive at the breach. I look at the other side and let out a huge swear word. It’s impossible to go down without the climbing equipment…”.

Result n°2 : “Hike done with my 14 year old daughter. No particular difficulties.

So, I ask myself, should we go or not?

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Who looks for (adrenaline), finds… the descent of Alaric by GR77

The climb is very technical – says a lady hiker we met on the summit of Signal (Massif Alaric, not far from Carcassonne). – We’re going to return via the fire road.

I am looking at a small stone painted in red and white. This is where the GR 77 starts. Apparently very technical. Even on walk. And we’re thinking of biking down it… Read more

Lake Eychauda: the art of being patient.

I often have the impression that time slows down considerably in certain situations. For example, a few days before unpacking a birthday present, or the last week before the summer holidays are three times longer than usual.

It was the same story with the trip to Lake Eychauda.Read more