The peak of Néouvielle by the classic route

I look for information on the ascent of the Néouvielle peak.

Result n° 1: “After 3 hours of effort, I arrive at the breach. I look at the other side and let out a huge swear word. It’s impossible to go down without the climbing equipment…”.

Result n°2 : “Hike done with my 14 year old daughter. No particular difficulties.

So, I ask myself, should we go or not?

Route Description

Le profil altimétrique de la randonnée.

How to get here : Go up to the Néouvielle reserve, park on the car park at the shore of Lake Aubert. I advise to come very early, it fills up quickly.

For whom : The Néouvielle peak is considered the most accessible 3000m summit in the French Pyrenees. However, it must be merited: almost 1000 m of vertical drop over a 4 km walk means the slope is quite steep. It is better to be sure of your shape.

The crossing of the rocky chaotic areas and the nevés takes more time and energy than the medium mountain trip. To cross more easily the scree between the pass of the Barris d’Aubert ridge and the Chausenque breach, I advise choosing the path that goes as far to the right as possible (for the uphill). In some places the exposure can frighten the most fearful, but there is always the possibility of bypassing these spots.

People who are prone to vertigo can try to make this ascent by being careful in certain places. During the ascent to the Crête de Barris d’Aubert pass it is best to stay to the left, this avoids passing too close to cliffs. Just before the summit, the left side slopes are very steep, and finally, the summital area is not large, so it is difficult to find the place to be really comfortable.

Equipment : During the summer good shoes (optionally with mini crampons) and poles are sufficient. It is even better to have the “real” crampons, they give more confidence on the snow.

GPS itinerary to download

Photo album

The Néouvielle massif

The summit of Néouvielle from the car park at Lac d’Aubert.

Rocky chaos field

Néouvielle disappeared glacier…

…and the view over Pic du Midi with its astronomical observatory.

Climbing the last large boulders…

….and lunch break on the summit with the view over the Lac de Cap de Long…

… and over the summits of Pyrenees National Park.

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