Lake Eychauda: the art of being patient.

I often have the impression that time slows down considerably in certain situations. For example, a few days before unpacking a birthday present, or the last week before the summer holidays are three times longer than usual.

It was the same story with the trip to Lake Eychauda.

 Lake Eychauda. Photo by Rafal Buczynski

Route description

 Time: 4h there and back (including lunch break), Distance 13km there and back

Getting to the site :  In Pelvoux le Sarret turn right, into a small road that goes up to Chambran (follow the sign “l’Eychauda”). Park at the terminus of the road.    

For whom : Up to the lake, the hike is easy, the climb to the Grangettes pass requires more vigilance. The last few metres are very steep and can be tricky for people who have a fear of heights. There are no precipices, but the risk of slipping is real. Trekking poles can be very useful here. The level of difficulty increases gradually, so you can test your hiking skills without too much risk.

The path to the Grangettes pass is narrow and requires a bit more attention. At the end you need to use your hands to get over the last few metres of ascent.  

Equipment : Just a pair of good hiking boots, poles and sun cream.  

GPX file

Photo album


Chambran valley.

 Photo by Rafal Buczynski



La montée à l'AlaricAlpine garden. 

 Photo by Rafal Buczynski

The long, long ascent.

 Photo by Rafal Buczynski

Towards the Grangettes pass.

 Photo by Rafal Buczynski

The view of the Serre Chevalier valley.

Photo by Rafal Buczynski

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